Historic Brattonsville

With more than 30 historic structures, this 800-acre outdoor museum and Revolutionary War battlefield site is becoming one of the nation’s premier living history museums. Educational programs take students back in time and focus on rural Southern life from the American Revolution to Reconstruction. A shaded picnic area, hiking trails and a gift shop are also available to you and your students.

Field Trip Programs

Preschool - 1st grade  |  $6 per student  |  Length: 60-75 min  |  Max: 100 students
What happens to all that wool once the sheep get a haircut? Students learn about wool preparation from raw fleece to finished garment in a storybook. They will card, spin and weave wool as it was done by children of long ago. They will meet one of our Gulf Coast sheep, and students will dress like a sheep to understand their unique characteristics.

Early to Rise
Preschool  – 2nd Grade  |  $6 per student  |  Length: 60 min  |  Max: 100 students
Rise and shine! Students step into the past with costumed interpreters and wake in the plantation house, smell breakfast in the plantation kitchen and learn of the morning chores on the Bratton’s antebellum cotton plantation. They will know the similarities and differences in morning routines then and now.

Historic Brattonsville Academy: Schooldays of 1840  
3rd – 4th Grade  |  $10 per student  | Length: 4 hours  |  Max: 25 students plus 2 adults
From the minute the school bell rings, students become scholars in Mrs. Ladd’s 1840s academy. In this highly immersive program, they walk, talk, learn and play as children did in the 19th century. Students will use slates and slate pencils, write with quill pens and play historic games at recess. The program concludes with a guided tour of the Bratton plantation.

Program runs 9 AM – 1 PM

The Backcountry in Revolt: A Revolutionary War Experience  
3rd – 5th Grade  |  $6 per student  |  Length: 90 min |  Max: 150 students
Loyalist or Patriot? The choice is yours! In this interactive program, students understand how men, women and the enslaved were drawn into both sides of the Revolutionary War. Students march as a militia unit and learn of the Battle of Huck’s Defeat, a battle involving Col. William Bratton and his family. Students decide which side of this war they would have supported if they had lived during the American Revolution.

Life on the Plantation  
3rd – 5th Grade  |  $6 per student  |  Length: 90 min  |  Max: 150 students
Cotton is King! on Dr. John S. Bratton’s antebellum plantation. While exploring this 1840s plantation, students meet people of various social classes who lived and worked here. Students will visit the plantation home, the slave quarters and more to understand the role cotton played in the lives of those at Brattonsville.