The Museum of York County offers monthly programs for Homeschoolers!

Explore the wonders of space in our Settlemyre Planetarium, and let curiosity direct you in search of answers in the Naturalist Center Lab, where you can get up close and personal with fossils, minerals and rocks, skulls, skins, and mounted animals from the Carolina Piedmont, Africa and beyond!

Pre-register by emailing: or calling 803-981-9182. Please wear closed-toe shoes and dress for the weather outside, as many of our programs include an outdoor component. Cost: $7 per student/adult if stay with student. (CHM Membership does not apply for program costs.) 

2018-2019 Calendar:

>>Habitat Heroes: How can we observe and enjoy plants and animals in nature without disturbing their habitats?  Students will make observations using hands-on opportunities on the museum trail and gardens as they explore habitats. This three month unit will include instruction with our specimens in the Naturalist Center and a trip to the Settlemyre Planetarium.  Invite your friends! 

September 11th & 12th • 1-3 pm
Habitat Heroes: Making Observations
Come explore the museum’s special exhibit, Amazing Butterflies, as we begin our habitat investigations.  Go outside to explore, listen, observe and document as we visit the museum gardens and trail. Activities will revolve around pollinators and pollination.  Wear closed-toe shoes.

October 9th & 10th • 1-3 pm 
Habitat Heroes: Adaptations
Discuss adaptations that plants and animals have for survival. Mammal tooth structure, camouflage, and seed dispersal are just a few of the topics we will cover while learning what it takes to adapt and survive. Wear closed-toe shoes.

November 13th & 14th • 1-3 pm
Habitat Heroes: The Night Sky
The night sky is beautiful and fascinating and it has an important role to play for life on Earth. Come explore the topic of light pollution and its affect on humans and animals during a trip to the Settlemyre Planetarium.  We will learn about autumn constellations and how animals use the night sky for migration.

>>Scientists Use Tools! Every branch of science has tools that help scientists do their work. This three month unit will explore geology, astronomy, and aquatic ecology tools. Learn how scientists study these natural science topics.

January 8th & 9th • 1-3 pm   
Scientists Use Tools: Geology
Why are geologists studious? They take nothing for granite! Learn about the tools geologists use. Gather information the way geologists do and participate in some activities to help guide our understanding of the rock cycle.

February 12th & 13th • 1-3 pm 
Scientists Use Tools: Astronomy
Telescopes, rockets, and rovers help astronomers learn about what’s out there. Participate in activities that help us understand how these tools help scientists gather information. Visit the Settlemyre Planetarium for an adventure in outer space.

March 12th & 13th • 1-3 pm   
Scientists Use Tools: Aquatic Ecology
Since, water is vital for all life, the monitoring of water quality is essential. Participate in games and activities that will help demonstrate the importance of clean water in our lakes and streams. Weather permitting, we will head down to Dutchman Creek to take water samples and do some testing of the water quality. Bring a towel and wear clothes that can get wet. Wear closed-toe water shoes.

• Pre-registration: or 803-981-9182
• Cost: $7 per student 
• 2018-19 Registration/Health form and Photo/video Release must be signed and dated.
• Tuesdays: ages 9-11 only (limit 25)
• Wednesdays: ages 7-8 (limit 20) and ages 9-11 (limit 25) 
• Age groups meet at the same time, but separately.