MYCO & Historic Brattonsville offer special programs for Homeschoolers!

Explore the wonders of space in our Settlemyre Planetarium, and let curiosity direct you in search of answers in the Naturalist Center Lab, where you can get up close and personal with fossils, minerals and rocks, skulls, skins, and mounted animals from the Carolina Piedmont, Africa and beyond!

Pre-register by emailing: or calling 803-981-9182. Please wear closed-toe shoes and dress for the weather outside, as many of our programs include an outdoor component. Cost: $6 per student/adult if stay with student. (CHM Membership does not apply for program costs.) 

Museum of York County Homeschool Programs 2016-2017

Tuesday | Wednesday       

1 pm – 3 pm

Sept 20 | Sept 21

Mysteries of the Earth Series:  Water Investigators
As a valuable resource, water plays an important role in everything we do. Discover how water moves and flows around us. Each student will create a bracelet that represents the “life” of a water molecule.  Bring footwear that can get wet or shoes to change, as we head down to Dutchman Creek to take water samples.




Oct 18 | Oct  19

Mysteries of the Earth Series:  Geologic Explorers 

Why should everyone love rocks & minerals?
This month students will participate in a human model of the rock cycle and learn how geologists discover what is under the surface of the Earth with a fun, edible activity.



Nov 15 | Nov 16

Mysteries of the Earth Series: Time Travelers
What came before the dinosaurs?

What do the layers of the Earth teach us about the lives of prehistoric creatures? Which animals lived after the dinosaurs were gone? This month we will “dig in” to answer some of these questions.



Jan 17 | Jan 18

Amazing Space Series:  Sky Observers
Why do eclipses occur?
Why does the moon appear to change shape when it is actually always spherical? Come join us as we create models to demonstrate these amazing, celestial events. A visit to the Settlemyre Planetarium will help guide our understanding of these concepts.



Feb. 21 | Feb 22


Amazing Space Series: Universe Explorers
How would gravity & weightlessness affect a space mission?

What does the surface of a planet look like? Join us this month as we explore the topic. Create your own space explorer to take home.



Mar 21 | Mar 22


Amazing Space Series:  What’s Out There?
What amazing objects can we find in our solar system?
Come participate in educational activities and a visit to the Settlemyre Planetarium to help us sort it out!


May 16 | May 17

Outdoor Environmental Education Days!

Come ready to get wet!  All our adventures will be outdoors as we explore the food chain and predators and prey, while learning about our piedmont natural resources through educational play.