Photography & Videography Policy

CHM allows the grounds at CHM sites to be used for bridal and engagement photography. There is no charge for this provision when rental space has been purchased. This fee is due at the signing of the Photographic Agreement. Hours of operation vary per CHM site.  An additional fee may be charged for photographing after specific site operational hours. All photography must be scheduled through the Facilities Rental Manager. The CHM reserves the right to photograph photographic sessions for publicity, documentation and promotion.

Interior and Artifact Photography

Many forms of natural and artificial lighting can harm the interiors of many of the museum buildings and historical artifacts, so CHM does not allow interior photography of museum buildings and artifacts. Interior photography is only allowed in rental buildings and at rental events.  Interior shots at Hightower Hall will be allowed as this structure is not considered a house museum with accessioned artifacts.

Exterior Photography

Any “staged” exterior photography using professional equipment, props, lighting, filters, etc. by individuals (such as engagement photos) or professional photographers (such as catalog shoots, bridal portraits, or tourism photos) must be contracted as a paid photography rental event. Any unauthorized photographer must turn the images over to CHM.  Flash photos of all building exteriors must be limited to at least 10 feet from the structure. CHM will under no circumstances allow animals on site to be exploited in any photo shoot.


CHM may be rented to agencies and professional film crews for video, film and TV commercial production. Commercial production companies may shoot pre-determined structures and exteriors for TV commercials, promotional videos, documentaries, and other materials for a single use by their client. Under no circumstances will CHM allow video to be taken and used by the photographer, agent or agency to make a profit either directly or indirectly. CHM will under no circumstances allow animals on site to be exploited in any video production.  Location filming will be negotiated with Deputy Director of Marketing & Visitor Services.  Prices are determined by complexity of shoots.

Wedding and Bridal Photography

Most wedding rental packages at CHM venues include provisions for bridal or engagement photography included in the packages. Bridal and engagement photos may also be shot inside HighTower Hall without having the wedding ceremony or reception at the site. The photographer will be charged the commercial photography rate for interior shots ($150 for 2 hours) and may also rent the Bridal Suite or additional spaces for an additional charge, if available.   Bridal Portrait Sessions extending beyond 2 hours, a $50 per hour fee will be accessed.  After hour rates may also apply.

CHM often shoots its own event photography at weddings and rental events to help promote the organization. By renting a facility at CHM, the renter is providing general approval for CHM to shoot these photos without people (room set-up, florals, etc.). The renter may be asked for permission to shoot promotional photos of the people at the event for CHM promotional materials. The renter’s approval will also serve as a release to photograph the guests.  If a guest objects to their photograph being used in a print piece or on the web, CHM will stop using the photo in print or on the web, but will keep the photo in the CHM photo archives.

Other Photographic Policies and Disclosures:  


VisitorsPhotographing CHM visitors at any CHM venue is prohibited. Consideration to visitors on the property must be maintained.  Any interpretive programs that may occur during your photographic session cannot be interrupted and moving of any object on the property is prohibited.

B)  Indemnification :   Photographer understands and agrees that the Culture & Heritage Museums, its agents, assigns and employees are not responsible for any claims, judgments, causes of actions or damages arising out of or relating to the granting of this permission to photograph on the exterior of CHM structures and/or interior at HighTower.  The photographer individually and on behalf of photo client hereby holds the Culture & Heritage Museums, its agents, assigns and employees harmless from any such claims and agrees to indemnify same in the event of any claim, judgment, or action.  This agreement shall apply to all claims, which are made in the future by any third party as a result of this permission.

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