Carolina Grassland Seminar

Event Details

Date: October 23, 2021
Time: 10:00 am—12:00 pm
Location: Historic Brattonsville

Event Description:

When William Bartram traveled through South Carolinas in 1775, he described a natural landscape vastly different from what you see today.  It was not a vast dense endless forest.  The landscape had been shaped by fire and unique soils to create upland prairies and savannahs from the coast to the Appalachians.  Although the bison and elk of the Carolina prairies are long gone, there are still scattered pockets of prairie in the Carolinas.  Some of these remnant grasslands contain rare and endangered species.

Join Dr. Robert Carter of the Museum of York County for this seminar exploring the history and ecology of Carolina grasslands and the efforts to maintain and restore the remaining prairies.  After the seminar, we will journey to the Brattonsville grassland to look for rare plant species.

Advanced registration required and will include access to talk and to the site for the day. Limited to 25 participants.Free for Members and $10 for Non-members. 

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