New Dinosaur at MYCO!

A New Dinosaur, New Exhibitions, and More at the Museum of York County 

ROCK HILL, SC – The Museum of York County continues to tell the story of the ancient life of the Carolina Piedmont with a new exhibition featuring a small carnivorous dinosaur.  ‘Coelophysis’ (pronounced See-Low-FYE-Sis) likely lived in the eastern United States during the Late Triassic Period (220 million years ago.) At about four feet tall, these slender dinosaurs stood upright on their hind legs, using their long tails for balance. Scientists believe that Coelophysis could swiftly chase down prey and may have hunted in packs.   MYCO’s new dinosaur is an extraordinarily realistic model that portrays Coelophysis.  Dubbed “Phyllis” by Dr. Steve Fields, the museum’s Curator of Natural History, the Coelophysis model will debut in “Life: A Journey Through Time,” an exhibition opening October 1.

More about “Phyllis” the Coelophysis model:

A company renowned for its creative services to museums worldwide, Phil Fraley Productions, Inc., donated the Coelophysis model to Culture and Heritage Museums in February 2014. The model has been awarded the John J. Lazendorf PaleoArt Prize for three-dimensional art in 2013 by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Phyllis’ prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievement in paleontological scientific illustration and naturalistic art. At MYCO, Phyllis will become a prominent component in future exhibits highlighting the prehistory of the Carolina Piedmont. This very special work of art will enhance the museum’s natural science programming for thousands of children, families and guests.

MYCO’s new exhibit “Life: A Journey Through Time” is based on Frans Lanting’s photographic portrayal of life on Earth from its earliest beginnings to its amazing diversity today. Featuring stunning images captured around the world, Lanting’s multi-year project is a photographic journey that explores primordial landscapes from jungles to volcanoes to oceans, and celebrates the incredible variety of plant and animal life that fills nearly every niche on Earth. A poetic narrative accompanies the photographs, inspiring viewers to discover and appreciate the natural world. The exhibit, toured in North America by NRG! Exhibits, is complemented with models, specimens, fossils, rocks and minerals that highlight the geological origins and ancient life of the Carolina Piedmont. “Life: A Journey Through Time” is on exhibit in MYCO’s Springs Gallery through May 17, 2015.

In conjunction with the new dinosaur and the new photographic exhibition, MYCO has two special Family Days scheduled:

In celebration of the opening of “Life: A Journey Through Time” the museum will host “An Eye for Art Family Day” starting at noon till 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 11. Families are encouraged to bring any type of camera and join guest photographers indoors and outdoors in the creation of art inspired by nature. “An Eye for Art Family Day” aims to build appreciation of the designs of nature found in the patterns of the solar system, plants, and animals.

Saturday, November 8th  is Dinosaur Day at MYCO!  The all-things dinosaur Family Day begins at noon through 2 p.m. In celebration of everything dinosaur, visitors can come dressed-up as dinosaurs and enter a pageant, join a dinosaur parade, make a dinosaur mask, and play dinosaur games. Visitors of all ages can bring their favorite dinosaurs and enter for prize drawings.

Meanwhile, at the Settlemyre Planetarium:

MYCO’s  Settlemyre Planetarium will feature the new full-dome production -“Dinosaur Discovery.”  In full-dome immersive reality, viewers can discover the lives of multiple species of dinosaurs that survived and thrived until the final extinction of all dinosaurs 65 million years ago. From the Coelophysis of 205 million years ago to the Allosaurus and Diplodocus of the mid-Jurassic period “Dinosaur Discovery” is a must-see for all dinosaur connoisseurs. The planetarium show is a co-production of the Rice Space Institute and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, funded by NASA's Office of Earth Science. “Dinosaur Discovery” will run every Tuesday through Saturday at 3:30 p.m. from October 1 through November 29, 2014. Recommended for viewers age 8 and over.

From reptiles to amphibians, past and present life in the Carolina Piedmont:

Another new exhibit at MYCO is “A Salamander’s Tale,” a traveling exhibit featuring fun, hands-on interactives that engage children to learn about salamanders and their habitats. Designed in the shape of a gigantic salamander, “A Salamander Tale” invites children to explore the amazing hidden world of salamanders and discover why these shy creatures are important to Nature’s cycle of life. Also featured are models of eight native Carolina Piedmont salamanders and a touchable fossil skull cast of a giant salamander-like amphibian that lived in the Carolinas during the Triassic Period over 200 million years ago.  A reading nook and activity area complete this family-friendly exhibit, ensuring a fun learning experience for young and old alike. “A Salamander’s Tale” is produced by Purdue Agriculture Exhibit Design Center. The traveling exhibition is sponsored in part through funding from the Guild of the Museum of York County and runs from September 20 through January 12, 2915 in the museum’s auditorium. 

Museum of York County is located at 4621 Mt. Gallant Road in Rock Hill, SC; for admission costs and more information please visit