MYCO Exhibition Receives Award from SC Federation of Museums

Culture and Heritage Museums’ exhibition receives an Award of Achievement from the South Carolina Federation of Museums 

ROCK HILL, SC – Culture and Heritage Museums’ “Way Back When: Ice Age Beasts of Carolina” exhibition has received outstanding recognition among the state’s museums and has garnered the South Carolina Federation of Museums’ 2013 Award of Achievement.  Located at the Museum of York County, the exhibition was designed to educate the public about the animals that inhabited the Carolina Piedmont during the Pleistocene “Ice Ages” (2 million years ago until 10,000 years ago), featuring life-size dioramas to illustrate the variations of climate, flora and fauna occurring during three periods of the Pleistocene Epoch. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a custom-designed, life-sized Jefferson’s ground sloth created by the museum’s exhibitions department. The Museum of York County is one of four museums with Culture and Heritage Museums.

"Our visitors are surprised to see how different the Carolina Piedmont appeared in ages past, and are especially intrigued by the kinds of animals that once lived here!” explains Teresa Armour, Exhibitions Manager at Culture and Heritage Museums. “We hope this exhibition's popularity leads to new opportunities to portray the prehistory of the Carolinas - and perhaps some new prehistoric friends for our ground sloth, Jeffrey, too!" Armour and Steve Fields Ph.D., Culture and Heritage Museums’ Curator of Natural History, will receive the Award of Achievement in Camden, SC on March 13 during the 2014 South Carolina Federation of Museums’ Annual Conference.

The South Carolina Federation of Museums’ Awards Program grants up to three Awards of Achievement per year to recognize the outstanding achievements of museums, museum professionals, and supporters in South Carolina. Awards of Achievement are presented to museums in South Carolina with an exhibit, program or publication that demonstrates excellent utilization of the resources available to that institution. Judging criteria for the award weighs in on the project’s benefit to the public and the museum's accomplishment relative to its resources.

The Museum of York County is located at 4621 Mt. Gallant Rd. in Rock Hill, SC. For more information please go to