Patriots, Redcoats and Cannons at Liberty or Death!


Contact: Marie Cheek
Community Relations Coordinator

ATTENTION: Photo/assignment editors – photo opportunities and cannon firing demos are available prior to event

Musket-firing militiamen, British and American soldiers, cannons and mounted cavalry take the field for battle reenactments at Historic Brattonsville’s “Liberty or Death - the Revolutionary War in the Carolinas”

McCONNELLS, SC – “Liberty or Death - the Revolutionary War in the Carolinas” is a national reenactment event that will portray how the turning point of the revolution was defined in South Carolina. Over 300 reenactors from across the states will form infantry and cavalry regiments for one of the largest overarching living history demonstrations in the southeast.

“Liberty or Death” will feature reenactments of the three largest land battles fought in South Carolina during the American Revolution. Artillery equipped reenactors will recreate the battles of Kings Mountain, Camden and Eutaw Springs on the grounds of Historic Brattonsville.

The two day event will focus on historically accurate battlefield activities including guard mounts, infantry and artillery drills, caring for the wounded, cooking demonstrations, and military field music. Sutlers will be set up between the two camps with period-style goods for sale.

Saturday’s reenactments include the battles of Kings Mountain at 11 a.m. and Camden at 2 p.m. Sunday opens with 1780’s-style worship services for both opposing camps and a reenactment of the battle of Eutaw Springs at 1 p.m.

“Liberty or Death – The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas” on Saturday, May 20 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and on Sunday, May 21 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Admission: Adult $10; Senior $8; Youth 4-17 $6; 3 and under & CHM members Free

Historic Brattonsville is located at 1444 Brattonsville Road, McConnells, SC 29726

For more information on Historic Brattonsville and directions, visit: Or call 803.684.2327.

Images: click here for high resolution images  “4th Battalion No. 6 Company Royal Artillery” photos by Mike Watts; taken during previous reenactments.

An 800-acre living history plantation in York County, SC, Historic Brattonsville is the actual site of one of the first Patriot militia victories, known as the Battle of Huck’s Defeat. Historic Brattonsville’s annual event “Huck’s Defeat” presents reenactments of the July 12, 1780 skirmish (between the backcountry militia and the loathed Loyalist Capt. Huck) and tells the story of how Martha Bratton, wife of militia commander Col. William Bratton, and Watt, a plantation slave, saved the day. Unlike “Huck’s Defeat,” “Libertyor Death” is a one-time event that will focus on battles fought elsewhere in the Carolinas as an opportunity to examine the bigger picture of the southern campaign during the American Revolution.