Carolina Piedmont through Time

“Carolina Piedmont through Time” Seminar Series - Discover the geologic origins of the Carolina Piedmont

The Museum of York County presents a series of seminars that focus on the region’s six hundred million year geologic history. “Carolina Piedmont through Time” is a trio of seminars led by Dr. Steve Fields, Ph.D., the museum’s curator of natural history.  According to Fields, “The Piedmont has a long and dynamic history; what we see today is but a single snapshot from a six hundred million year saga. The region is our home, and therein lies the importance. The origins and dynamics of this place are part of our story.”

“Carolina Piedmont through Time” seminars are scheduled for Jan. 23, Feb. 20, and Mar. 20, 2018 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Seminar descriptions are as follows:

Jan. 23 - “From the Depths of the Earth and Ocean” An overview of the dynamic origins of the Carolina Piedmont, the story begins with fiery volcanoes and continental collisions. This session looks at the record in the rocks to see the fossils of the early marine life that crawled along an ancient shallow seafloor, which became the region’s modern landscape.

Feb. 20 - “Big Times - Dinosaurs and their Kin” The fossils that make headlines always seem to come from points west and across the oceans, but this session reveals the Carolinas’ account of the Age of Dinosaurs.  From raptors and duck-bills to a T-rex cousin, a closer look at the prehistoric Piedmont divulges evidence of the region’s lost world.

Mar. 20 - “Rise and Reign of the Mammals” From humble beginnings, mammals came to dominate the world left by dinosaurs. Explore the times when South Carolina was more like South America and the Eastern U.S. was like East Africa! Fossils of giant armadillos, mastodons, lions and others tell the story and lead us to the end of the Ice Ages and a mysterious mass extinction.

How to Register:

“Carolina Piedmont through Time” is suited for ages 12 and older. Minors must be accompanied by a paying adult. Cost: $15 per CHM volunteer/staff | $25 CHM Member | $35 non-member.  Pre-registration required; contact: or 803.981.9182. Seminar includes a signed copy of Dr. Steve Fields’ book, “In Your Nature.”  Note:  York County, SC educators may earn two CEU credits per seminar.

About Steven E. Fields, Ph.D.:

Dr. Steve Fields is curator of natural history for Culture and Heritage Museums of York County and also an adjunct faculty member in the biology departments at Winthrop University and York Technical College. Fields earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in biology from Winthrop University and a Ph.D. in integrative biology from the University of South Carolina. He has published papers on natural history and fossils of the southeastern United States in several scientific journals, including Southeastern Naturalist, Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Sciences, and PalArch’s Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Fields’ most recent publication, “In Your Nature: Ponderings of a Carolina Piedmont Naturalist” is a compilation of nature articles that he wrote from 2006-2016 for YC (York County) Magazine.

About the Museum of York County:

The Museum of York County highlights the natural history of the Carolina Piedmont and its connections to the rest of the world.  The Naturalist Center with over 2,000 natural history specimens provides hands-on opportunities for self-guided discovery and educational programs. The Settlemyre Planetarium features the only full-dome digital planetarium in the Charlotte Metro area. The Museum Store has a selection of local handmade pottery, South Carolina produced food products, and nature-themed gifts for children. Outside, the museum has a picnic facility, a three-quarter mile nature trail and a Monarch Waystation.

The Museum of York County is located at 4621 Mt. Gallant Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732.

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