Museum of York County Offers Scouting Programs! All groups must Pre-register. Contact • 803-981-9182

Approved Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Counselors 

Girl Scouts and other scouting groups are invited to contact us!


Cub Scouts, Tiger Cubs, Wolf Scouts, and Bear Scouts Opportunities:

Museum of York County’s walking trails can be used by Cub Scouts and their families to create unique experiences. Tiger Cubs can complete “Go See It” activities, Wolf Scouts can fulfill Achievement Tasks and Electives, and Bear Scouts can satisfy Achievement Groups. Contact our scheduler for details on how we can help you accomplish these tasks. Regular site admission fees apply. No minimum or maximum number of scouts required. 

Girls Scouts, Brownies, Daisies, Juniors, and other Scouting Groups:

Please contact or 803-909-7225 for more information on what we can provide for your troop.  

By the Sweat of Our Brows

Join us as we demonstrate daily life and work for the enslavedon the Bratton Plantation. Come meet descendants of theAfrican-American community at Brattonsville as they sharefamily stories of their ancestors through the 21st century. Learn about on-goi

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