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Remote learning opportunity focuses on active participation in astronomy

Enrollment open for Museum of York County’s virtual homeschool class – “Exploring Our Solar System”

ROCK HILL, S.C. – A new fall program offered by the Museum of York County, “Exploring Our Solar System” is a series of three virtual classes designed for homeschoolers ages 7-11. Led by the museum‘s Planetarium Manager Carole Holmberg and Museum Educator Darene Weatherlow, “Exploring Our Solar System” focuses on astronomy and space exploration with hands-on space mission activities.

“Exploring Our Solar System” Zoom class meets once a month on the second Wednesday from 1-2:30 p.m. EST. Cost for each student will be $18 for the semester.

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Class descriptions:

September 9: Back to the Moon From 1969 to 1972 six missions took men to the Moon. It is time to go back! This class will focus on geology in space and its role in space missions. The Artemis program will be examined. What are its goals? How do the Space Launch System rocket, Orion crew transportation module, and the Gateway space station help meet those goals?

October 14: From the Moon to Mars What information is hidden within the geology of Mars? What will it take to put humans there? The Perseverance mission is focused on these questions. This month will focus on Mars. Humans have long been interested in the Red Planet. Students participate in activities for better understanding of what goes into planning a mission and executing the plan.

November 11: From the Sun to Pluto and Beyond From our Sun, all the way out to stars and galaxies seen in the night sky, scientists are at work continuing to learn more about space. This month’s hands-on activities investigate current studies of the Sun to create a model of our solar system. Find out what it takes to launch a space telescope and learn about the James Webb telescope.

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