Walt Schrader Trails

About the Trails

Located in a 778-acre natural area, this 7 mile network of backcountry paths crosses land steeped in local history and tradition. Native Americans and Americans of European and African descent share the same rich cultural heritage of the Carolina Piedmont. Travel through fields and woodlands that have provided resources for food and shelter for thousands of years. Along with history, you’ll discover the geographical diversity of the Carolina Piedmont as you walk or ride through forests, wetland and prairie, each with its own distinctive plants and wildlife, as well as historic landmarks dating back to the 1770s.

Usage and Admission

Visitors may use the trails for hiking and bicycling.

Walt Schrader Trails are open to the public for Horse Back Riding on the 3rd Saturday each month. On this day bikes are not allowed on the trails. Please call ahead at 803.684.2327 to make sure the trails are open, sometimes they are closed due to weather issues.    

Admission to the trails is included in the regular admission for Historic Brattonsville.