CHM relies on the generosity of its friends and supporters to serve to more than 110,000 participants each year. From planetarium shows to living history, concerts to workshops, the CHM serves school children, adults and families.


Thank you for your interest in Culture & Heritage Museums. While 2020’s budgetary impact will be felt for a long time, any support you provide helps diminish it. Whatever amount you are able to give helps. Choose your gift amount here.

Fortunately, programing, education, and exhibit staff are striving to produce the quality you know and expect for the near future. Sites always stay focused on sharing the mission “to communicate and preserve the natural and cultural histories of the Carolina Piedmont, inspiring a lifetime of learning.”

CHM continues to offer a multitude of experiences that present the Carolina Piedmont’s rich traditions in unique and fun ways. Please share a gift with us to enable us to keep sharing with you and others.

Your tax-deductible gift provides vital support that sustains our preservation efforts as we continue to care for exhibits, artifacts, art, and archival material that represent our region, the Carolina Piedmont.

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Who supports the CHM?

Culture & Heritage Museums is a family of museums in York County, SC, operated by the Culture and Heritage Commission and partially funded by York County and private donations.

Planned Giving and CHM

There are unlimited creative and flexible methods to give to Culture & Heritage Museums. If CHM is a passion of yours, please consider exploring the various methods for giving, including combining philanthropy with your financial planning.

If you would like more information about bequests, life income plans, charitable lead trusts, or other planned gifts, as well as programs and areas your planned gift can support, please contact us at (803) 909-7242.