In early 1840, Catherine Ladd (1808-1899) opened the Brattonsville Female Seminary inside the renovated ancestral home of the Brattons of Brattonsville.  Today, the preservation team of Culture & Heritage Museums is working to restore the house to its appearance during the Seminary’s earliest years of instruction.

The first phase of the project is currently underway.  It is focused on the structural stabilization and restoration of the exterior to the way it looked in the mid-nineteenth century.  The first phase of this project is anticipated to be complete in late Fall 2023.

The second phase will focus on restoring the interior of the Seminary.  This will include repairing woodwork, plaster, and re-painting the rooms to look as they did in 1840. Research has been on-going to document and record the appearance of the interior using techniques in paint microscopy.  The second phase of work is expected to start in early 2024.

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