Harriet Rainey Bratton (1795-1874) took over the operation of the Bratton plantation after the death of her husband, Dr. John Simpson Bratton, Sr., in 1843. She resided in the Homestead House until her death in 1874.  Today, the Culture & Heritage Museums’ preservation team is working to restore the house to its appearance in 1855 just after master builder O.P. Cranford had added the portico to Harriet’s house.

The current phase of work is focused on making structural repairs, reconstruction of the 1854 portico, and restoration of the exterior.  This first phase of work is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2024.

Following the completion of the exterior work, the preservation team will be working to restore the interior of Harriet’s house.  This second phase will include repairs to woodwork and plaster, as well as the reconstruction of built-in closets in the Assembly Hall and a partition wall on the second floor.  This phase of work is anticipated to start in Summer 2024.

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