Historic Brattonsville

Experience living history at this 800-acre historic site. Explore the struggle for liberty in America.

Historic Brattonsville presents the history of the Scots-Irish and African-Americans in the South Carolina upcountry through preserving and interpreting the buildings and stories of the Brattonsville community. Featuring more than 30 historic structures from the 1760s to the late-19th century, the site provides visitors with an opportunity to see the evolution of Southern culture and architecture in the Carolina Piedmont. Currently, two of the Bratton family houses are closed for preservation. 

Learn how people farmed the land, cooked their food, and entertained themselves in the 18th and 19th centuries through costumed interpreters. These historical activities and others are presented year-round, Tuesday through Saturday.  

Delve into the founding struggle for liberty by walking the American Revolutionary War battlefield of Huck’s Defeat and watching a video documentary that brings to life the events of July 1780. Come away with an understanding of the continued struggle for liberty in the years following the American Civil War by visiting the new exhibit entitled, “Liberty & Resistance: Reconstruction and the African-American Community at Brattonsville, 1865-1877” inside the recently restored Brick House.