Landscapes and Lifeways: The Carolina Piedmont 600 Years Ago and Today

Landscapes and Lifeways: The Carolina Piedmont 600 Years Ago and Today Photo Permanent Exhibit

The Landscapes and Lifeways exhibit compares our contemporary Piedmont landscape with the Piedmont of 600 years ago. Two new dioramas show Carolina Piedmont landscapes and wildlife in the 1400s, before European exploration and settlement. View animals that once lived in the Piedmont (bison, cougar, elk and wolves) alongside species seen here today (deer, vultures, quail and heron). Discover how native peoples relied on the natural resources of the Carolina Piedmont – the river, trees, land, plants and wildlife – for their survival, and how they changed the landscape to support their ways of life.

Wild Fabrications

Wild Fabrications Photo "Wild Fabrications
Organized and toured by Studio Art Quilt Associates, the exhibit features the   stitched creations of textile artists from around the world. These stunningly vivid and masterfully crafted quilts showcase nature themes, portraying animals both realistically and imaginatively in a riot of vibrant colors, patterns and textures. The intricate detail and dimensionality of these stitched works will delight, inspire, and fascinate children and adults alike.

"Nature’s Tapestries
This exhibition highlights the quilted masterpieces of Rock Hill’s own Dottie Moore. For more than 41 years, Moore has stitched together her love of nature into uniquely crafted and richly textures tapestries that reflect the beauty and mysteries of earth and sky.

On view October 12, 2016 - February 26, 2017

Tot Town

Tot Town Photo Designed especially for creative play among young children (under 6) and their families, this gallery at the Museum of York County is inspired by the artwork of Vernon Grant. Located beside the Vernon Grant Art Gallery, Tot Town features many of Grant’s delightful nursery rhyme illustrations along with their traditional verses. Families are invited to explore the whimsical settings and enjoy fun activities that engage young minds and bodies. Have a tea party, dress up like a butterfly, put on a puppet show or share a book in the cloud nook. Playing is the real work of childhood – and helps children build brain, brawn and buddy power!

Birds in Art

Birds in Art Photo This exhibition, organized and toured by Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin, features 60 artworks from their 2016 Birds in Art exhibition. Attracting hundreds of artists from around the world, this popular juried exhibit has toured since 1979 and this year marks the 41st annual exhibition.  Art lovers and bird lovers alike will appreciate this diverse selection of contemporary paintings, illustrations, sculptures and mixed-media artworks. These artworks explore birds in our world – capturing their charm, majesty, power and ways of life that have always intrigued and inspired human spirit and innovation.

On view through April 9, 2017