Landscapes and Lifeways: The Carolina Piedmont 600 Years Ago and Today

Landscapes and Lifeways: The Carolina Piedmont 600 Years Ago and Today Photo Permanent Exhibit

The Landscapes and Lifeways exhibit compares our contemporary Piedmont landscape with the Piedmont of 600 years ago. Two new dioramas show Carolina Piedmont landscapes and wildlife in the 1400s, before European exploration and settlement. View animals that once lived in the Piedmont (bison, cougar, elk and wolves) alongside species seen here today (deer, vultures, quail and heron). Discover how native peoples relied on the natural resources of the Carolina Piedmont – the river, trees, land, plants and wildlife – for their survival, and how they changed the landscape to support their ways of life.

Vernon Grant’s Pigments and Figments

Vernon Grant’s Pigments and Figments Photo March 22 - October 19, 2014

During his career as a professional illustrator, Vernon Grant created hundreds of illustrations for magazine covers, product packaging, children’s books and advertising. Rendered with wit, charm and a whimsical flair, Grant’s illustrations portray many delightful and imaginary settings. His masterful hand with gouache and unique color palette are hallmarks of his signature style. This exhibition features original artworks that highlight Grant’s distinctive “pigments and figments,” offering visitors a new opportunity to appreciate Grant’s imagination and artistry.

The Art and Science of Illustration

The Art and Science of Illustration  Photo On view through August 31, 2014

Showcasing the Comparative Anatomy Illustration course work of Winthrop University students, this exhibition is the culmination of highly imaginative renderings reflecting both artistic and scientific influences. Under the guidance of instructor Dave Brown, the students’ art features field sketches, framed illustrations, and sculpture inspired by their explorative studies of mammalian and human anatomy observed while at the museum.

Support for this project is provided by the Arts Council of York County Small Grants Program, the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC, and the SC Arts Commission, which received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

What’s Bugging Belva

What’s Bugging Belva Photo OPENING JUNE 7

This delightful traveling exhibit features fun, hands-on interactives that engage children to learn about bugs and their habitats. Designed like a storybook that has “come to life” in a garden, What’s Bugging Belva invites children to explore the amazing world of bugs and discover why all bugs are important in Nature’s cycle of life. Produced by Purdue University’s Agriculture Exhibit Design Center to bring science and technology to life for audiences of all ages.

Life: A Journey Through Time

Life: A Journey Through Time Photo OPENING OCTOBER 1, 2014

A Photographic Exhibit by Frans Lanting

Based on photographer Frans Lanting’s multi-year project, this exhibit is a photographic portrayal of life on Earth from its earliest beginnings to its amazing diversity today. Featuring stunning images captured around the world, this photographic journey explores primordial landscapes from jungles to volcanoes to oceans, and celebrates the incredible variety of plant and animal life that fills nearly every niche on Earth. A poetic narrative accompanies the photographs, inspiring viewers to discover and appreciate the natural world. This photographic exhibit, toured in North America by NRG! Exhibits, is complemented with models, specimens, fossils, rocks and minerals that highlight the geological origins and ancient life of the Carolina Piedmont.

Tot Town

Tot Town Photo Designed especially for creative play among young children (under 6) and their families, this gallery at the Museum of York County is inspired by the artwork of Vernon Grant. Located beside the Vernon Grant Art Gallery, Tot Town features many of Grant’s delightful nursery rhyme illustrations along with their traditional verses. Families are invited to explore the whimsical settings and enjoy fun activities that engage young minds and bodies. Have a tea party, dress up like a butterfly, put on a puppet show or share a book in the cloud nook. Playing is the real work of childhood – and helps children build brain, brawn and buddy power!