Landscapes and Lifeways: The Carolina Piedmont 600 Years Ago and Today

Landscapes and Lifeways: The Carolina Piedmont 600 Years Ago and Today Photo Permanent Exhibit

The Landscapes and Lifeways exhibit compares our contemporary Piedmont landscape with the Piedmont of 600 years ago. Two new dioramas show Carolina Piedmont landscapes and wildlife in the 1400s, before European exploration and settlement. View animals that once lived in the Piedmont (bison, cougar, elk and wolves) alongside species seen here today (deer, vultures, quail and heron). Discover how native peoples relied on the natural resources of the Carolina Piedmont – the river, trees, land, plants and wildlife – for their survival, and how they changed the landscape to support their ways of life.

A Salamander’s Tale

A Salamander’s Tale Photo “A Salamander’s Tale,” a traveling exhibit featuring fun, hands-on interactives that engage children to learn about salamanders and their habitats. Designed in the shape of a gigantic salamander, “A Salamander Tale” invites children to explore the amazing hidden world of salamanders and discover why these shy creatures are important to Nature’s cycle of life. Also featured are models of eight native Carolina Piedmont salamanders and a touchable fossil skull cast of a giant salamander-like amphibian that lived in the Carolinas during the Triassic Period over 200 million years ago. A reading nook and activity area complete this family-friendly exhibit, ensuring a fun learning experience for young and old alike. “A Salamander’s Tale” is produced by Purdue Agriculture Exhibit Design Center. The traveling exhibition is sponsored in part through funding from the Guild of the Museum of York County and runs from September 20 through January 12, 2915 in the museum’s auditorium.

Life: A Journey Through Time

Life: A Journey Through Time Photo OPENING OCTOBER 1, 2014

A Photographic Exhibit by Frans Lanting

Based on photographer Frans Lanting’s multi-year project, this exhibit is a photographic portrayal of life on Earth from its earliest beginnings to its amazing diversity today. Featuring stunning images captured around the world, this photographic journey explores primordial landscapes from jungles to volcanoes to oceans, and celebrates the incredible variety of plant and animal life that fills nearly every niche on Earth. A poetic narrative accompanies the photographs, inspiring viewers to discover and appreciate the natural world. This photographic exhibit, toured in North America by NRG! Exhibits, is complemented with models, specimens, fossils, rocks and minerals that highlight the geological origins and ancient life of the Carolina Piedmont.

On Holiday with Santa

On Holiday with Santa  Photo Opening Nov. 20

Vernon Grant’s holiday illustrations have been a part of America’s Christmas celebrations for over 75 years. The timeless popularity of his Santas, gnomes and village scenes among young and old alike is an enduring tribute to his originality and creativity. This exhibition celebrates some of Grant’s most popular holiday illustrations, especially highlighting the artworks which inspired the 2013 Christmas card and ornament. These holiday collectibles, and Vernon Grant and ChristmasVille merchandise, are available in the Museum Store.

Tot Town

Tot Town Photo Designed especially for creative play among young children (under 6) and their families, this gallery at the Museum of York County is inspired by the artwork of Vernon Grant. Located beside the Vernon Grant Art Gallery, Tot Town features many of Grant’s delightful nursery rhyme illustrations along with their traditional verses. Families are invited to explore the whimsical settings and enjoy fun activities that engage young minds and bodies. Have a tea party, dress up like a butterfly, put on a puppet show or share a book in the cloud nook. Playing is the real work of childhood – and helps children build brain, brawn and buddy power!